Saturday, April 21, 2012

Floral selection - sélection fleurie du jour

Voici ma sélection de la semaine. This is my week's selection : Floral.

flower ribbon plate cup vintage handmade - floral selection by Chez Violette
Floral selection by Chez Violette

1. Embroidered floral ribbon - Primrose Lace Ribbon
2. Lovebirds small plate - Ninainvorm
3. Folk flowers polish folk art earrings - MadebyMada
4. Vintage wedding China teacups, saucers and plates - Peony and Thistle
5. Floral Bobby Pins - Dreamsbythesea
6. 70s semi blouse mexican style - Triggervintage

Et pour finir, cette jolie blouse vintage hippie  - And this cute vintage hippie blouse for the end :
vintage hippie blouse folk art - Floral selection by Chez Violette
Floral top - Vintage blouse


  1. I love how you add a bit of crochet trim to everything you make. Very pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  2. Thank you girls :). Have a nice week end too !!!! Here the weather is wonderful in Paris (it's so rare)


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