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🌼 Dive into Spring with my Vintage-Inspired RabStar Plush Bunnies! 🌼

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My Fox ring!!! My cute Plushes crochet case for smartphone

  A number of years ago, I created crocheted some  mobile phone pouches in the plush shaped . Here are two new versions with handles that can be carried like little bags. The first version is a special order from my daughter. She gave me a very precise drawing, which I tried to follow to the letter 😁 colour, material, shape of the eyes. The second cover, a mini smartphone bag, is a little fox with pasta and a tail. New for these 2023 cases, in addition to the handle, they are all lined with cotton fabric to protect the phone.  ************************************************************************ Do you like my creations? Support my business by visiting my handmade creations shop:

DIY Rustic Crochet Boat Mobile

   Here we go for July's crochet tutorial. Here's a Rustic boat mobile to hang from your windows or decorate the wall. Materials: -1 driftwood branch -cotton - in this case this is organic Fonty cotton -4.5 hook - if you want a stiffer sail, choose a smaller hook -fabric - in this case, it's linen with a stripe pattern -beads if you want to decorate the hanging thread Step 1 :  Pick up a driftwood branch on the beach. Don't forget to clean it to avoid small bugs. I soaked it for 24 hours in a mixture of white vinegar and insecticide. Dry it well in the sun. Stage 2: the sail Abbreviation  :  ch st = chain stitch / sl st = slip stitch / hdc =  half double crochet /  dc = double crochet 1st row (Blue on the diagram)  : 2 chain  stitch . Work to the first stitch. 6 half double crochet. 2nd row (Purple on diagram) :  5 chain  stitch  - then in the hdc of the previous row : 1 double crochet - 7  ch st  - 1 dc - 3  ch st  - 1 dc - 7  ch st  - 1 dc- 3  ch st  - 1 dc - 7  ch st

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹

I use my natural rose water every day. Whether it's to cleanse and revitalise my skin in the morning, or to remove my make-up in the evening. I also add it to my shampoo rinse mixed with white vinegar. Result :  more beautiful skin and beautiful, shiny hair. How to make your own Eau de Rose?🌹🌹🌹 It couldn't be easy! 1. Harvest your roses. I use a mixture of pink climbing roses and red roses growing on my terrace. The more rose you add, the less water you add = the more concentrated your product will be. Be generous with your harvest. 2. Remove the petals. 3. Wash in cold water. 4. Place in a large bowl. 5. Bring the water to the boil. 6. Pour the hot water over the petals. 7. Close with a lid. 8. Leave to stand for 24 hours. 9. Open the lid: it smells of roses 😻 10. The petals have turned White. Your water is Pink. Magiccc! 11. Remove the petals. 12. Take a container such as a plastic bottle or small glass vase. 13. Pour in your rose water, filtering it through a funnel and

Little Fabric Dogs Plushes

Following my visit to Fanø , I wanted to make little dogs in embroidered fabric in the spirit of Staffordshire porcelain . I have chosen some pretty fabrics (French Jouy toile, French Provençal fabric, navy cotton, polka dot and star cotton) and drew the pattern for my creatures. The eyes, ears, tail and nose are made from colorful felt. They are glued and embroidered with cotton thread. A few pretty buttons are sewn on the tail. I added beads for the nose and eyes. The finishing touch: a necklace of glass beads and a silver-plated brass chain. The front and back of the dog are embroidered together and the whole dog is stuffed by recycled polyester. And VOILA, a few hours later my cute little critters are finished. Find them in my creative shop:

Fanø and the mystery of the little dogs

Sunday was an excursion to Fanø . A small island 16km long off the coast of Esbjerg . To get there you take a big barge that takes 15 minutes to cross the bay. You can get there by car, bike or on foot. Once there, we visited the pretty town of  Nordby , with its cobbled streets and thatched rouf houses. We had breakfast there on the Haven 's pleasant terrace with croissants and a nice hot chocolate. Because since we've been in Denmark, we've missed French viennoiseries so much 😭. In front of the harbour, a few seals were sunbathing under the eyes of tourists and amateur photographers. (On my picture they are the small dots in the background in front of the industrial port of Esbjerg in the distance 😂) Next, go to the town of Sønderho . An ultra-charming little village with thatched houses, flea markets and friendly restaurants. We finished with a swim on the large sandy beach of Fanø Strand .  Here, cars can park on the beach. On our French beaches in Brittany, this wou