Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's day news

✿ My New Shabby Chic and romantic creations

Here are some new handmade creations, I just made specially for Valentine's day.
Voici mes nouvelles créations que j'ai réalisées spécialement pour la Saint Valentin.


  1. They are absolutely darling! I love them all!

  2. Visiting you from the Farmhouse Treasures team blog thread. I figured I would check the blog of the only other person than me that has posted there in a while! I love your Valentine's designs....very cute. I will be checking your store from here. I am also following you now too! Come visit my blog!

  3. Très mignons les cœurs avec les petites clés ! J'aime bien tes créations, je t'ai donc rajoutée à mes favoris ALM et je me suis permis de mettre ton lien sur mon blog (qui ne ressemble pas encore à grand chose, je l'avoue...^^).

  4. These are so beautiful. Perfect for Valentines (although cutting it too close now), or Mother's Day. I know my mom would love the blue flower necklace!


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