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Christmas time - New little handmade things :)

Christmas Crafts Hello!! It's Christmas time and I love this season. Very inspirational. This year, I made some special things for Christmas. ★ Some reusable gift bag for zero waste and a responsive Christmas with fabric and crocheted lace : handmade zero waste christmas gift bag ★ Craft Christmas tree gift tags : Gift tag for Christmas wrapping ★ Christmas Eve Necklaces : Fabric and Enamel charms for those handmade necklaces ★ Crocheted fiber brooches with retro Santa Claus portrait : Santa Claus brooch ★ Crochet bracelet with Christmas charm  : 3 strands Christmas bracelet ★ Christmas earrings  : Christmas dangling earrings ★ All my items are available on my shop : - CocoFlower I wish you a lovely Holidays Season and a Merry Christmas :)