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Fanø and the mystery of the little dogs

Sunday was an excursion to Fanø . A small island 16km long off the coast of Esbjerg . To get there you take a big barge that takes 15 minutes to cross the bay. You can get there by car, bike or on foot. Once there, we visited the pretty town of  Nordby , with its cobbled streets and thatched rouf houses. We had breakfast there on the Haven 's pleasant terrace with croissants and a nice hot chocolate. Because since we've been in Denmark, we've missed French viennoiseries so much 😭. In front of the harbour, a few seals were sunbathing under the eyes of tourists and amateur photographers. (On my picture they are the small dots in the background in front of the industrial port of Esbjerg in the distance 😂) Next, go to the town of Sønderho . An ultra-charming little village with thatched houses, flea markets and friendly restaurants. We finished with a swim on the large sandy beach of Fanø Strand .  Here, cars can park on the beach. On our French beaches in Brittany, this wou

Reinventing and finding yourself again - New in Denmark

  And now I’m in Denmark ! Here, everything has to start again. Everything has to be discovered.A new language, a new culture, new habits. But what a joy it is to have everything to explore and create. It's a new youth in a way. And there's nothing better for boosting inspiration. Some news after a long silence. Here I am, in Denmark! A new country, new adventures for a new part of my life. At 50, it's great! It was in 2013, in Paris, that I set up my little business of handmade creations: jewelry, decorations, accessories.   But the artistic adventure began much earlier for me, in 2009, with drawing, comics and the creation of collectible dolls.   I've sold all over the world on many handmade platforms (Etsy, Amazon, Dawanda, ALM, UGM, etc), some of which don't even exist I've also taken part in many handmade markets, exhibitions and pop-ups in France, Germany and even the United States. 4 years ago, I returned to my roots in Brittany (Bretagne)