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Reinventing and finding yourself again - New in Denmark

  And now I’m in Denmark ! Here, everything has to start again. Everything has to be discovered.A new language, a new culture, new habits. But what a joy it is to have everything to explore and create. It's a new youth in a way. And there's nothing better for boosting inspiration. Some news after a long silence. Here I am, in Denmark! A new country, new adventures for a new part of my life. At 50, it's great! It was in 2013, in Paris, that I set up my little business of handmade creations: jewelry, decorations, accessories.   But the artistic adventure began much earlier for me, in 2009, with drawing, comics and the creation of collectible dolls.   I've sold all over the world on many handmade platforms (Etsy, Amazon, Dawanda, ALM, UGM, etc), some of which don't even exist I've also taken part in many handmade markets, exhibitions and pop-ups in France, Germany and even the United States. 4 years ago, I returned to my roots in Brittany (Bretagne)

Christmas time - New little handmade things :)

Christmas Crafts Hello!! It's Christmas time and I love this season. Very inspirational. This year, I made some special things for Christmas. ★ Some reusable gift bag for zero waste and a responsive Christmas with fabric and crocheted lace : handmade zero waste christmas gift bag ★ Craft Christmas tree gift tags : Gift tag for Christmas wrapping ★ Christmas Eve Necklaces : Fabric and Enamel charms for those handmade necklaces ★ Crocheted fiber brooches with retro Santa Claus portrait : Santa Claus brooch ★ Crochet bracelet with Christmas charm  : 3 strands Christmas bracelet ★ Christmas earrings  : Christmas dangling earrings ★ All my items are available on my shop : - CocoFlower I wish you a lovely Holidays Season and a Merry Christmas :)

Christmas Jewelry - Eve outfit - Vintage and Kitsch Santa Claus

Christmas earrings I love Vintage Illustration with Santa Claus. So I decide to make a collection with some earrings and retro Christmas pictures. 4 pairs of Christmas earrings to fit with your Ugly Sweater - Available in my shop :   CocoFlowerCreations Hello Christmas party, I'm ready !

Autumn Jewelry Collection - Fall 2016 🍄🌰🍁🍂

 🍄🌰🍁🍂  Enjoy -10% off on all my jewelry and hair accessories with the code DECOUVERTE : ETSY SHOP Egalement des réductions dans ma boutique française : BOUTIQUE

DIY Crochet Easter Chicken - Eggcup and Egg cover - Free Crochet Hen tuto

Hello everybody ! Today we lean to make a crochet Chicken egg cover and eggcup : When you put the cover on the eggcup, you have a cute Chicken, perfect to hide eggs during Easter :) ******** This DIY is for Personal use only . I don't allow to sell the item made with this tuto, to sell the DIY or to use my text and my pictures without my autorisation. ******** Material : -A crochet size 3.5 -Cotton thread -S cissors -Yarn needle  -Motivation and time (maximum 4 hours to make it) Stitches (american lexicon) : -Slip stitch (mailles coulées) -Single crochet (mailles serrées) -Half double crochet (demi-brides) -Double Crochet (brides simples) - Treble ( doubles brides) This Crochet Chicken is easily makable by a crochet beginners. The Steps : 1. Hen Egg Cover : Row 1 -  Chain  2 - 5 Single crochet in the second chain. Row 2 - 2 Single crochet in each Single crochet around. You have 10  stitches. Row 3 - ( 1 Single crochet, 2 Si

Color Block !

Crocheted earrings - Vintage buttons hair pins -  Fabric and lace necklace Japanese fabric hair clips - Vintage buttons hair pins - Glass bead earrings French toile hair pins - Vintage buttons hair pins - Glass bead and snowflake earrings Hair pins - Vintage buttons hair pins - Dreamcatcher earrings Makeup bag - Earrings - Fabric necklace Bow earrings - Vintage buttons hair pins - Vintage buttons studs Crochet coin purse - Brooch - Dreamcatcher earrings Fabric earrings - Fabric studs - Hair pins Necklace - Studs earrings - Fabric necklace - Vintage buttons hair pins Find all and more on CocoFlower