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DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

I use my natural rose water every day. Whether it's to cleanse and revitalise my skin in the morning, or to remove my make-up in the evening. I also add it to my shampoo rinse mixed with white vinegar.

Result : more beautiful skin and beautiful, shiny hair.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

How to make your own Eau de Rose?🌹🌹🌹

It couldn't be easy!

1. Harvest your roses. I use a mixture of pink climbing roses and red roses growing on my terrace.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

The more rose you add, the less water you add = the more concentrated your product will be. Be generous with your harvest.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

2. Remove the petals.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

3. Wash in cold water.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

4. Place in a large bowl.

5. Bring the water to the boil.

6. Pour the hot water over the petals.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlowerVerser de l'eau bouillante sur vos pétales de rose - DIY Eau de Rose par CocoFlowder

7. Close with a lid.

8. Leave to stand for 24 hours.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

9. Open the lid: it smells of roses 😻

10. The petals have turned White. Your water is Pink. Magiccc!

11. Remove the petals.

12. Take a container such as a plastic bottle or small glass vase.

13. Pour in your rose water, filtering it through a funnel and gauze (or kitchen roll).

14. Put your rosewater in the fridge to converse. I keep it in the fridge for a maximum of 1 week.

The rest I freeze.

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

15. Use your fresh rose water. Mmmm, that's great!

DIY : Make your own Rose water 🌹 by CocoFlower

To know more about Rose Water.


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